Green Build

As an Energy Star builder, Porchfront Homes has been a leader in Green Building for many years. Our inspiration for Green Building started back in 2005 while building a 44 unit subdivision in North Boulder. One of our clients was interested in building a Zero Energy home in a residential community. Working with our clients, Porchfront coordinated various “green” building trade partners to design a zero energy home.

The home included geothermal heating and cooling, 5.2 kw solar panels and  open cell foam insulation. Based on the excitement generated by the project, we put together a Green Event to promote Green Building. We opened the house to the public so the clients and green building trade partners could educate homeowners. The experience solidified our desire to use as many of these practices as was feasible. Porchfront committed to completing the subdivision with solar panels as a standard.

When working with clients, Porchfront provides advice as to how best to build a sustainable home. It is important to coordinate the various technologies and methods in order to build a sustainable home within a client’s budget. Framing methods, type and placement of insulation, type and location of windows, and landscaping are just a few of the considerations.

Our initiatives

Conservation of Natural Resources

  • Wood, metal and cardboard construction debris are recycled on-site

  • OSB sub floor versus resource intensive plywood

  • OSB and gypsum wall board wall sheathing versus resource intensive plywood

  • Engineered lumber floor joists and roof trusses versus resource intensive Dimensional lumber which provide a “silent floor”

  • Drip irrigation saves water

Indoor Air Quality & Health

  • Low solvent construction adhesives

  • Sealed gas furnaces

  • Sealed mechanical room doors, when

  • Non-CCA treated decking & lumber

  • Active radon mitigation systems

  • Low Toxic Water-Based wood & floor finishes

  • Low VOC paint

  • HRV Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

Energy Efficiency

  • 92% energy efficient furnaces with sealed combustion for lower transference of outside cold air, saving money & energy

  • Insulated to exceed the International Energy Code Standard

  • Programmable and WIFI enabled Thermostats

  • Energy efficient windows with Low-E glass

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system designs to promote air destratification, which lowers energy bills

  • 16-SEER Air Conditioning unit for higher efficiency

  • Option to customize energy saving technologies including Solar PV and geothermal for your home’s specific needs

  • Energy Star rated appliances

  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) below current International energy Code Standards


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